Spiritual Challenge: Prayer of Release

Spiritual Challenge:

Find a stone, and hold it tightly.

See it, and feel it as the weight of your worries.

Say a prayer of release.

Then, drop it and walk away.

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4 responses to “Spiritual Challenge: Prayer of Release

  1. divine……conversation with sensitive truth one =stone

  2. I think that is a great exercise. Dropping it and walking away so not to pick it up again. Remembering Pilgrim in John Bunyan’s Pilgrims progress. Also, another use of stones for answer to prayer. Keeping a basket of smooth stones for your chidren and the family to write on the back what the Lord did in their lives. Pull it out when your down or struggling to see His faithfulness.

  3. A child of God must not worry. God will provide, but we must exercise our faith by simply trusting in He who is faithful and will do what He says He will do. God is true to His Word.

    Don’t worry but pray and believe God for it. And He will undertake and give you rest in your spirit, from your burdens.

  4. Your thoughts are really helpful. Thank you for visiting and posting.

    Inkwell–. I like the stones in a jar idea (I have a post on it from a year ago) As the stones pile up, they are a visual reminder of God’s faithfulness. (similar to the Israelite practice of erecting standing stones -after crossing the Jordan River- etc.)

    Called chosen–. I agree, that kind of trust is so important. I find that when someone suffers a betrayal, esp by family or close friends, it seeps over into their ideas about God. Such unfettered reliance is more the exception in those cases. Plus, we often forget his goodness.