HA! 5 ways to know if you need a vacation

squirrel fights (Flikr)

To be fair, if you’ve never seen a golden-mantled ground squirrel (a.k.a. “chipmunk” by people who get confused?) with a switchblade, you really should tweet this.

1. The squirrel fights in your yard look choreographed.

2. You start going to the store for just odd things, like tapioca or beef jerky.

3. You wonder if time in a prison cell could have its upsides.

4. The garden hose has become your version of a “water park”.

5. You use a beach towel after a shower to add more adventure and pizzazz to your life.

oops forgot one: You realize “pizzazz” has the word “pizza” in it, and that causes a food fantasy for Boardwalk fare.

Let the wild rumpus start!

What tells YOU that you need a vacation?


3 responses to “HA! 5 ways to know if you need a vacation

  1. rhiella1expat

    brilliant! I also start to think the birds are taunting me with their jaunty cheeriness!

  2. after two vacations totally nearly 5 1/2 weeks….I am glad to be home. And home for a long time….

    Although, it was really nice to be at the beach. 🙂