FREE BOOK. Hipster Christianity

I knew I wanted to read Brett McCracken’s book Hipster Christianity: When Church and Cool Collide, and I’m quite glad (Hipsters read: “Stoked”) he sent me a copy, and 1 signed copy my way to give out to a fortunate soul.

The book is much better than I thought it would be, and I already figured I would enjoy it. I’m currently authoring a write-up about it as I finish it. That will be put up soon, as a new post.

And SOON (within 4-9 days), I’ll post the interview now underway with Hipster Christianity author, Brett McCracken.

What a free, signed, copy?

Then, post something about the topic of trendy Christianity,

OR answer: “Is it hip to be square? And what does that even mean?” OR “Nominate someone who has the best Justin Bieber-esque coiffure (hairstyle).”

GOOD LUCK! (You are ALL winners to me!)

4 responses to “FREE BOOK. Hipster Christianity

  1. Yep, Nerd is the In, and thank goodness, ’cause it’s about time. Everybody knows the nerds truly know what’s going on even of they have some pretty figurehead “running the show.” But seriously, it’s no longer cute to act all ignorant or silly because you can get locked into that persona. Mac is king & so is the square, granted my square has soft rounded corners and is white.

    • Well put, cool k.

      And also soft rounded edges is so…edgy!

      I’m lovin’ it!

      (That was my method to hipster-proof myself… Using a trite commercial tagline…. gulp! If I hoped you’d find it “cool” that I was clever thought to think of it, nevertheless, mention it, it undoes itself.)


  2. Doug Jackson

    At my age, I’m more concerned with a new hip than being hip. . .

  3. There’s definitely a “nerd is cool” trend in the culture, but true geeky and socially awkward people are ALWAYS left out, always mocked, and always put down. I think it’s way cooler to hang out with social rejects…like Jesus. Oh, gosh, that was such a churchy answer. Grrr…

    Amy S.
    artsyrockerchick at aim dot com