5 AwKward things you don’t want to hear

Life can be awkward

Photo is a Creative Commons image by chelseagirl.

1. “Honey, the hunting trip is tomorrow. Have you seen my hairnet?”

2. “God told me to marry you.”

3. “Aw, those bugs won’t hurt a thing.”

4. “I borrowed your toothbrush last week, I hope that’s alright.”

5. “Last night you had no idea these walls are paper thin, right?”

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2 responses to “5 AwKward things you don’t want to hear

  1. “Mommy. It’s your butt, not the seat.”

    • I heard this today: “Mom, don’t be offended, but I like the way daddy smells and how his clothes feel.”

      me: “Why should that offend me?”

      ellie: “Well, I didn’t want you to feel bad that someone is better than you.”