15 jokes about Lady’s Gaga’s meat dress.

Now, I realize joking about a meat dress is fairly easy. But, essentially she drew first blood, so I think she completely expects the wisecracks, even if they get a little raw.

Lady Gaga as fresh meat at the VMA's

So, I’m going to up the ante. 15  jokes, right off the top of my head, (I’ll update with better ones, should I think them up.) Tell me which you like the best, or submit one of your own.

1. If she fails down, she’ll be nothing but hamburger.

2. Obviously the VMA’s don’t lack protein now, and that’s a relief.

3. Strangely she looked less like meat in her beef dress than she did in her trashy Bad Romance video.

4. Just like Cinderella, it’ll all go bad by midnight.

5. Maybe Gaga made this dress solely to torture dogs.

6. Never tell Gaga to bring an entrée to your BBQ.

7. If I wore something like this, I’d get grilled.

8. You think this dress is bad, wait until she comes out with eyewear.

9. Gaga’s outfit normally sells for $13.98…. a pound.

10. If she wears this to India, she’ll be dressed in someone’s relative–then, you guess it, a public relations nightmare.

11. Why on earth didn’t her steak hat have a garnish? What a Philistine!

12. For Hannibal Lector, that dress would be the appetizer, and she’d be the main course. I’m not sure about dessert, probably ice cream.

13. Thank God she didn’t marinate.

14. Gaga is officially rare.

15. People screamed, “Gaga, well done!” But she didn’t realize they were actually petitioning her.


Gaga can easily feed a party of 6.

Dog walkers, this is a fashion don’t.

Thanks, Gaga! You just decided what 1.2 million ppl will wear for Halloween.

10 responses to “15 jokes about Lady’s Gaga’s meat dress.

  1. Beef. It’s what’s for dinner!

  2. Was it really made out of meat?? perhaps it looked like meat

  3. Yes. Real. Meat.
    Fresh from the butcher. Stinky lately, Gaga?

  4. “Gaga is officially rare”
    Hahaha love it! I mean your jokes, not her dress. I think her dress is actually quite disgusting …. It must have been really uncomfortable..

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  6. I saw these images floating around the web for some time…my only thought was…if that’s real meat….

    If it is real meat….isn’t there something unsanitary about raw meat? what is it…ecol-I or something? 😮

  7. Hopefully she went to the hospital to get a round of shots and pills after wearing…she was literally a walking infection of some kind waiting to happen.

  8. No way! would I have given her a hug, im not even big on handling raw meat when im cooking lol so that would’ve been totally out of the question.

  9. lol why lady gaga where a meat dress look at her shoes they are meat like real meat that’s gotta be cold.