Prayer: Benediction

photo/link by Rolf Potts. (St. Petersburg, Russia Midnight sunset near Nevskii Prospect)

(I’ll be a professorial substitute on Thursday, and I’m really looking forward to it. Below is the prayer from Dr. Laurie Mellinger’s lesson plan for that night. It’s the Benediction Prayer.)

I post it today for your personal reflection. Sometimes we don’t make the time to collect ourselves this way. Here’s a our chance today. Maybe it’s also something you’d like to share with someone else.

Let us receive Your words

and treasure up Your commandments within us;

Make our ears attentive to wisdom

and incline our hearts to understanding;

yes, may we call out for insight

and raise our voices for understanding.

Let us seek it like silver

and search for it as for hidden treasures,

that we may understand the fear of the Lord

and find the knowledge of God.

For You, Lord, give wisdom;

from Your mouth come knowledge and understanding.

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4 responses to “Prayer: Benediction

  1. From Jodi (facebook comment)

    ‎”Let us seek it like silver” – there are so many times I seek worldly things more fervently than seeking His word and sking for wisdom. This is a spiritual challenge to make not so challenging in my life!

  2. Laurie Mellinger

    Lisa–I’m glad you like that prayer! It’s a gentle “corporate reworking” of the first few verses in Proverbs 2. I like using scriptural “litanies” at the end of classes–a sneaky way to get students into the word, eh? 🙂

  3. divine…..nice prayer….
    let breath be a prayer…..
    love all…..