Turning my blog into a (christian) ‘The Oatmeal’

I just went to the website called “The Oatmeal,” and now I realize what I want to do with my life.

I want to author a Christian “The Oatmeal”. Actually I don’t, because that’s lame. Although the Oatmeal humor may be vulgar (at times), and often mildly to very offensive, the Oatmeal guy is brilliantly comedic, sort of. Well, he has his moments.

So, in homage to that level of funny, he sometimes achieves, I give you, my own “The Oatmeal style post.” It is my response to something I highly dislike, Chain facebook status causes. (And yes, this is a real example I plunked over here. These chain “post this to your fb status” are ploys to manipulate us, and I’m turning lemons into lemonade.)

I finally had to write what I was thinking

Your responses are encouraged.


3 responses to “Turning my blog into a (christian) ‘The Oatmeal’

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  2. I think you could have an never-ending supply of posts about Christian sincerity gone wrong… However, in doing so, you may lose your soul… 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.