Everlasting Torture in Hell: McKnight and Piper

Another intriguing post by Scot McKnight! (It’s worth a look)

He notes the issues contained in this book: A review of John Piper, Jesus: The Only Way to God: Must You Hear the Gospel to be Saved? (123 pages, $5.99), by Terrance L. Tiessen.

It brings out important topics like- How do the various views of Hell effect Evangelism and sharing the gospel?


4 responses to “Everlasting Torture in Hell: McKnight and Piper

  1. I think, often times, people twist scripture to generate a view of non-essential doctrine that supports a twisted view of essential doctrine….

    …oh, that’s a good word…..

    That might be all I will say about this one.

  2. undergroundchurch

    The question has always bugged me because…
    A. If you are asking the question, you have heard the gospel, and are now responsible.
    B. We are commanded to Go (Matthew 28); therefore, we are responsible if people don’t hear because we did not go.
    C. Even in the OT, there were those considered “righteous” that did not know the law.
    D. But in the end, it is Jesus that tells us, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that whoever believes in him ‘shall not perish’ but have everlasting life.”
    I know we want to throw human logic at it, “would a loving God send people to hell” , but we did not set the rules, God did.
    Besides, I’ve always been curious to know why people feel they have to have this “out clause”. Is it because we don’t want to tell people about the good news of Jesus love? Is it because we want to be accepted by the world who thinks we are crazy for believing God? or because we sound too dogmatic? or too intolerant?

    • I’ve heard that refrain that you mention, but it may skirt some important theological imperatives.

      It is a privilege to carry the message of Good News, but I know God is not wringing his hands and worried about if I can handle the responsibility. I don’t have to hold his hand, as if he needs the help. He does all the work anyway. I just enjoy going along for the ride. I hope I can tell others, but more importantly, I hope I can live the gospel, and BE the hands and feet of Jesus.

      Someone once said, “I used to worried about all the people I hadn’t shared the gospel with, and since I’ve grown closer to the Lord, I start to worry about all the people I did share it with.” We’re basically useless, unless the Spirit is working in, and through us, and even more so– in the other person.

  3. undergroundchurch

    God is not worried because God cannot be surprised and he already knows everyone that will come to Him. It was His choice to use man for this purpose. Don’t know why He chose flawed people to carry the torch, but it might have something to do with sharing in the journey.
    I am all for living out the good news as a witness to those around me, but that should be verification of my testimony before them.
    All three are equally important – living, telling and reflecting the good news.
    Good discussion…