Fall, Harvest, Fall-o-ween

I didn’t get to go trick-or-treating as a kids. My parents didn’t want us to be any part of what seems to them to be the Devil‘s Day.

With our kids we try a different approach, we don’t try to get into it that much, but allow them to carve pumpkins, dress up, and shake down the neighbors for candy. It’s hardly different than any other time of the year, really.

What do you think about this “holiday”, or do you have a great childhood memory you can share?

Here’s one:

Freshman year at college, and I had known my roommate just a short time. Halloween is BIG at college campuses–one reason may be because it’s one of the few holidays where most of the students stay at school. There’s trick-or-treating, dressing up, parties…you get the idea.

My roommate went out to get candy with a friend. Clearly that girl was Raggedy Ann. I saw Jen dressed up in a black and white pattern, so I said, “Are you a cow?” She just glared at me and said, “No! I’m a Dalmatian.” Whoops. #fail


5 responses to “Fall, Harvest, Fall-o-ween

  1. I remember one time….I was 4 and my brother was 6…I was showing him a “magic” trick on the stairs….

    He pushed me with his toe…and I fell down the steps…

    There’s my memory of Fall (ing)…. 😉

  2. One year, I decided to go as Lois Lane. I had a bit of a journalism obssession. So, I dressed business-like and wore a name tag that said “Lois Lane.” Tip: If you have to wear a name tag on your Halloween costume, it’s probably a lame costume. 🙂

    Another year, before Phil and I were dating, I dressed up like him, complete with fake (for me) facial hair and mohawk. I imitated his mannerisms until he finally got it. He was flattered and eventually decided to date me. I can’t endorse this method for every girl with an interest in a guy, but it worked for me!

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  4. Hi. In South Africa it’s not Fall, we have moved towards Summer. Hallowe’en is not yet common and commercialised here, but for your interest I have a comment on it at tangerinelizard.blogspot.com