Fitting in or feeling Invisible?

Does she fit in too well? (love that smile btw. funny lady.)


This is a short post, but I hope you can help me with some responses.

The topic is “Fitting in”. Usually it means things click. You feel comfortable and at home. But can that ever merge or morph into “feeling invisible”? So, maybe you’ve been somewhere, at a job, in a group, or whatever, and something happened.

You went from feeling basically comfortable in your surroundings, to feeling overlooked or under appreciated. Maybe like you blend too well.

In what circumstances (if any) have you felt invisible?

What are your ideas about why that is?


2 responses to “Fitting in or feeling Invisible?

  1. I’m a rather outspoken, loudmouthed, fun loving woman. Completely secure in who I am. I love life and love living it. I enjoy people and am not afraid of mingling………..that is, until I’m surrounded by people who, for lack of a better term, aren’t *my people*. Something happens to me physically. I kind of shut down and sink into a corner if at all possible. I find myself not wanting to chat with anyone, I’d rather not mingle – I’d rather attach myself to my husband – because normally when I feel this way, it’s because I’m in a group of people that he works with – they just aren’t as free-spirited as I am. It’s really hard for me to hold conversations with many of them. I feel like I’m not as pretty or as smart as some of them. My personality is waaaay bigger than theirs and I can’t feel free to be ME!

    But if these people come to me on MY TURF? I am bigger than life, unrefined and full of energy and joy.

    I wish I knew why I felt uncomfortable like that. It’s probably because I’m a little self conscious about my weight, but I’ll be honest…that doesn’t stop me in other realms of my life…why should it all but cripple me in a crowd of people that are not my chosen “in-crowd”? I can’t even blame my weight, really. I suppose I’m over-weight, but by no means hard to look at. Maybe it has to do with my High School education and lack of furthering myself. I just can’t put my finger on it.

    Thanks for writing this short but very impact-full post. You have me thinking…Love, Carm

  2. I like to feel invisible, most of the time. If I don’t stand out in a crowd and I’ve achieved what I intended, then I am usually satisfied. There are times, however, that I wish to be heard but I feel like background noise. This is most often due ot another wanting to dominate the situation, more than myself at the time. I find when this happens I will, more often than not, somehow fade out of the scene and allow myself to quietly slip away. no regrets.