LeRoy the Pug (Wacky Wednesday)

Since November (yes, last month) I’ve started balancing Jon Acuff’s “Serious Wednesday” posts with a Wacky Wednesday alternative. It’s especially written for those who need a smidgen more zany in their lives on Wednesday, because of the vacuum left by Jon’s only mildly humorous Wednesday posts.

This post is about LeRoy (LEE-roy) James, my friends pugnacious pug.

LeRoy the Pug

12 Things about LeRoy

This is sort of like the 12 Days of Christmas, except with a Pug, and it’s not Christmasy.

1. LeRoy is HIGHLY motivated by food. He’s learned all kind of tricks by being tricked. (But he hates potato related products.)

2. He owns a purple snuggie, and doesn’t seem feminine when he dons it.

3. Other names for LeRoy are: L-Train, Lee Lee, Baby LeLory, Grump, son of a **tch, and a few names that can’t be mentioned here.

4. He has a pumpkin Halloween costume (next year he’s going to be an ice cream cone), and a reindeer outfit for Christmas.

5. He makes everyone feel special. So, you get the sense the he loves you the most.

6. He doesn’t mind eating his own poop. Yes, in most ways it’s regrettable, but yet a highly Green lifestyle (recycling).

7. He loves vegetables as much as meat.

8. He’s muscular and has great cardio.

9. He watches tv, and his favorite movie is Toy Story 3. (He brought his own stuffed toy out to watch it.)

10. In the morning, he doesn’t spring from his kennel. He gets up when he’s good and ready.

11. He gets acne.

12. He snores like a buzz saw.

Have you ever known a pug? What are your feelings about them?


4 responses to “LeRoy the Pug (Wacky Wednesday)

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  2. Amber Pavalko

    I personally know Leroy, and he is a quite a specimen. I enjoy the way his eyes bulge when he sees anything appetizing. Even though he’s somewhat stinky and dirty at times, he’s still pretty cool.

  3. Glad to hear LeRoy can rock the purple.

    I’m a little bummed, though, to see how purple is being “feminized” in our culture in recent years. It used to be thought of as a “boy color,” if not as much as blue, then at least as much as red or green.

    I just don’t want to see yet another one of my favorite things get stereotyped and then marginalized. Emo, shopping, “Twilight”… not purple too!!! *sniff* Can’t we all just get along?!?

    Oh wait, this is supposed to be Wacky Wednesday. (But hey, now it’s Friday.)