Weird Santa Photo Week. Day 3 (old school)

Things were so innocent and sweet in the old days…um. no. Santa wouldn’t put up with any nonsense. As shown here, back in the day, if you weren’t good, Santa would bag you at Christmas, water board you, and you’d never be seen again.

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"You've been naughty." Elves were kidnapped kids?


9 responses to “Weird Santa Photo Week. Day 3 (old school)

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  2. favorite so far…

  3. Brian Betsworth

    Satan Clause?

  4. I think this may be a German character. I have heard about someone taking bad children…kind of creepy…this way parents could get their children to behave! LOL I will look up the reference and get back.

  5. well…maybe much more creepy!

  6. Well, I am trying to decide if the card reads “A Happy Christmas” or “A Krappy Christmas.” Either way, I am trying to figure out why such a bizarre depiction. This child could be astonished at the awesome gift he is about to receive. However, as much as I try to believe this, the look on the child’s face really gets in the the way of that warm fuzzy Christmas feeling.

  7. Kathleen’s link is definitely disturbing.