DAY 7- Weird Santa Photo Week (Grand Finale)

In the video Father Chrsitmas (click for trailer) Santa gets ticked-off, grumpy, and self-centered…and takes a vacation. Huh? (He’s practically a jerk. Yeah, I don’t get it either.)

It’s odd also because, even though his vacation helps his stress level, he ends by saying, “Have a Bloomin’ Christmas!” From spending some time in England, I know that the word “bloomin” is typically used in anger, like, “You’re a bloomin’ disgrace!”

So, he may as well have said, “Have a bloomin’ Christmas and a freakin’ New Year!” Right. OKAY. So, there you have it!

It’s one more holiday weirdness to wrap our brains around.

For the final day of weird Santa week, I’m busting out the rest of the bad Santa photos in a Grand Finale slideshow. Voila!
Tell us which is YOUR favorite.

Thoughts? Comments? Questions?


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Day 6-Weird Santa Photo (STRESSED!)

Sometimes Christmas is Stressful. You’ve just had it. The kid in this photo is at the end of his patience. I imagine he endured being dragged by his mum or dad to do a bunch of shopping for Christmas presents for a few hours, and then they had the nerve to subject him to posing with Jolly Saint Nick, for some insult to injury.

Have you reached this stage yet? Is it likely?

Any responses, caption ideas, or Christmas updates to report?

"As if it couldn't get any this."



DAY 5. Weird Santa Photos Week. Santa’s Creepy Sidekick, Krampus

Krampus at Perchtenlauf Klagenfurt

Image via Wikipedia

In Germany/Austria, Saint Nick and Krampus go around like a good cop/bad cop team. Krampus, a whip carrying, horned goat demon, with a long red tongue takes the naughty ones, while Santa Claus rewards the good ones. (Notice the whipping switches on his back. THAT’s gonna leave a mark!)

Now we just buy the kids high tech toys as bribes for being well-behaved…?

You Sit on the Throne of Lies. Day 4-Weird Santa Week

The lighting and the faces in this weird Santa photo seems to point to a pre-photo backstory.

My proposal is that just before this was taken, Santa give little Buddy here a rap on the noggin with his gloved knuckle.

Here the kiddo is saying, “Ouch…what the holly, Santa!”

We’d like to read your theory.

Write a caption, or the backstory of this ODD photo!


Weird Santa Photo Week. Day 3 (old school)

Things were so innocent and sweet in the old days…um. no. Santa wouldn’t put up with any nonsense. As shown here, back in the day, if you weren’t good, Santa would bag you at Christmas, water board you, and you’d never be seen again.

Tell us what you think!

"You've been naughty." Elves were kidnapped kids?

Weird Santa Photo Week: Day 2 (Twins)

Double your pleasure. Double your fun. Take toddler twins to sit on the lap of a large stranger, in weird red

pajamas who smells like Irish Coffee. HO. Ho. Ho.

Were YOU scared of Santa as a kid?

Double the Christmas photo Jolliness!



Weird Santa Photos Week-Day 1

Welcome to weird Santa week.

Each day, I’ll give you a picture for your amusement.

Do you know any kids who get freaked out by the fat and jolly stranger in the fake beard?

Do you have a weird Santa picture? Add a link to share it with us.

First Entry:

I’m not sure who looks more upset, the kid or the Santa. (If you think of a good caption, leave one here.)

What did they say to each other? Santa looks about to cry too.


Caption: “I feel something wet on my leg.”