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Guess where this Photo was taken

I’d like to know if you can tell where this header (orange sky-scape) photo was taken.

First to guess it right gets a treat.
Good luck.

Andrew Wyeth – natural surroundings, autumn

Some of you know that I used to claim fellow-Pennsylvanian, Andrew Wyeth as my favorite living American artist. He died this past January 16, in his sleep at the age of 91. His 7 decades of artwork are a profound legacy to the world of art, and culture in general. He was a master of the difficult egg tempera medium, and dry brush watercolor. Technically, Wyeth has superior talent as a drawer and painter, having been tutored by his father, skilled illustrator N.C. Wyeth.

At this time of year, I am attracted by the changing seasons, and the brilliant landscapes. Wyeth did many paintings of landscapes, and I’m drawn to his works at this time of year. Please enjoy a few samples, and these links to his collections. I hope you get a chance to visit them in person.

Links to museums with Andrew Wyeth’s work:
Andrew Wyeth’s website
Brandywine River Museum
Farnsworth Art Museum and Wyeth Center
Smithsonian Magazine Article on Andrew Wyeth

A sample of Andrew Wyeth’s work: (click on the image to see it, or enlarge it)

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_andrew_wyeth_paintingWinter, 1945

We’ll soon be making a trip to Chadds Ford, PA, the homestead of artist Andrew Wyeth–great American treasure, and recently deceased. The Brandywine Conservancy features a museum, and several home tours, gardens, artistic exhibitions, and events. 

The ability to create, not out of necessity, (as in a nest, den, or hive) but out of desire, touches on the spiritual side of humanity. It is a portal into the “unreasonable” parts of us–the beautiful mysterious.

For those of us who are creative or artistic, or even for those who can at least appreciate those ventures, there is something that lures us about creative pursuits. They are life-giving, both in the pursuit of them, and in the joys of the new experiences, and successes. It seems expressions of creativity point off the map to an even more solid Reality that transcends time and space, and envelops every culture in its realness.

A completely rational, sensible person would tell you there is no need for art perhaps. That it is a waste of time, effort, or money. Though, in a sense, there really is not enough reason for beauty qua beauty, yet, we see how much so many do care about it, at least in some form. (Film, fine art, sculptor, design, etc.)  See how much it moves us, and speaks to us, in language of its own, like nothing else can.

In every way in which we try to be creators we participate in something spiritual.

A question for you:

What have been your most life-giving creative pursuits?