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Power Source Problems: iPhone! & you?

It’s hard for me to let a good analogy go to waste.

Our relatives in Cleveland, OH recently experienced a blaze in their truck. They left their iPhone car charger plugged in while in was parked in their garage. At about 11p.m. that night, it got quite hot and caught the dashboard on fire. Thankfully, they noticed the fire before it spread to the rest of the garage and house, even though their fire detectors were non operational.

There are really a few insights here.

The obvious ones are:

1. Unplug items from car outlets when they are not in use.

2. Check fire detectors routinely to be sure that they work.

I think we’re a lot like this situation at times. We are all spiritual beings having an important physical experience in this world. Like it, or not, we are in some way connected to the Ultimate Source of power, (our Creator.) But, things get dangerous, for ourselves and others, when we are not used (read: living) for our purposes, and yet still–by our fundamental nature–remain plugged in, somehow unawares. We can come to ruin.