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Guess where this Photo was taken

I’d like to know if you can tell where this header (orange sky-scape) photo was taken.

First to guess it right gets a treat.
Good luck.

Napoleon’s Liger Contest

Goofy Liger Contest:

A super fantastic imaginary Liger magnet can be YOURS.

To get one:

1. Tweet or Update your status with this message:

“Get your Liger magnet, free, until March 16! http://wp.me/pri9O-yz #LIGER”

2. Leave a Comment, and post the number shown below the visitor counter headline tha reads, “Are you popular because I am? Yes. (Example: If I were to post that number right now, it would be 13,801. It will be different for each person.)


Predetermined numbers, visitors may enter, have been chosen for bonus prizes, including, the Limited Edition
Liger Collectors’ Card!

Yes, it sounds to good to be true. But, it’s oh-so-true.

Not Exactly Aslan

Meet Napoleon, the new face of this blog. He is so named by “Amy” a fan and reader who submitted the name thereby winning a book of her choice for her efforts (see older posts).

What do you think? 



Hoodie Hoo! A Prize in hopes of spring.

Hoodie Hoo is a new, made up holiday that encapsulates most people’s desire for winter to end and spring to come! (Click the Hoodie Hoo link if you want to find out a little more.) It arrives February 20 in the Northern Hemisphere, 30 days before the first day of spring. Is it Hoo Doo? Well, only if you think it works. It’s probably just a great way to blow off pent-up frustration at frigid temperatures, slush, icy roads, and brown snow banks. It can make you feel better emotionally.

My birthday comes amid the Hoodiest low point of February, and I’ve always felt its sting. This time of year can be like a punch in the gut. I’ll try to counter act that with a hopeful goodie/prize. It retails at ElizabethArden.com for $20, and smells quite nice–floral with a little spiciness: Sunflowers. Fragrance-phobic? Here are a few reviews of the fragrance by some people who tried it.

It’s a nice way to brighten your Hoodie days in hopes of spring–And also makes a nice Hoodie Hoo season gift for a friend, mom, girlfriend, grandma, aunt, or wife… or adventurous male who enjoys floral spring scents.

To win this prize, name the strangest fragrance you’ve ever worn, (even if it’s a kind of bar soap, or hotel soap), in the ‘leave a comment’ area. A random entry will be selected.

What’s mine?

Dial Soap for Men (After 1.5 uses, I just couldn’t keep up with it. I’m just not man enough)


Sunflowers fragrance, Eau De Toilette, by Elizabeth Arden

Feb Freebie- Choose Your Own Adventure Kit!


Kit 'o Fun prize


This picture looks simple enough, but this giveaway prize is not THAT ordinary. It’s really a do-it-all kit for a time to remember.

First, the boxes of candy are King sized. That means it has to be better.

Now, some of you (possibly with a y chromosome) out there will see these articles shown, and have no idea how they could make you a hero of sweetness and charm to a significant other, or a whole lot of fun to hang with for a bit. But really-You’ll be seen in the light of a hero!

Here’s how it works: Find someone to spend time with. Your kid, your friend, your cousin, your spouse, or even an unlikely or unlikable counterpart… but, you get the idea. (Humans only please.) Think of something to do, eat the candy, record your adventure with the camera, and then attach the developed photos in the journal, along with captions or comments about your time together. (Remember to replace the picture shown on the outside-the overly-happy, giggly couple-with a photo of your time.) This book can be a continual archive of dates, trips, and adventures; Or you can give it away to the person, right away. See how wonderful you’ll seem? Yes, one giant ball of awesomeness. You can even say it was your idea. It’s not likely they will believe you, but go ahead. And if the winner of this prize sends some pictures back to me, (before March 31, 2010) a cool, surprise bonus prize will be given. Try to not pee your pants with excitement.

Here’s some ideas for your time out:

A walk. A snowball fight. Bowling. Browsing shops in a new town. Doing a random act or acts of kindness. A Museum. Coffee shop hopping. Wine tour  Whine tour. Make a treasure hunt for your friend/date (you know, with clues, etc.) to find the candy, or something else. A game of Paintball. Laser Tag. Horseback riding. Ice Skating. Indoor Rock Climbing. Chess-okay Not Chess! Dinner in, and a movie rental. Parade (St Patty’s Day is coming). A home project. Fight Club (Hey, I don’t know what you’re into, okay?) Breakfast at a diner (Make sure to get pictures of the wait staff.) Build a cake, or something.

SO! Pick one of these choices and elaborate on it, OR make up a good outing or activity out of your own creativity. Or, you can go the other way, and have an awful time, potentially, and record how that goes. You may get a pleasant surprise. Visit a slaughter house, or a AIDS clinic, or a cancer ward. It’s up to you.

Enter your idea in the  ‘leave a comment’ section, and the one considered the most worthy (in every way) will win. I will sign the journal, if you’d like, with my best wishes. But, I’ll keep my mitts off the candy, I promise.

Good Wishes to you!

Big Prize Friday #2 -(UPDATE)


(PLEASE note: Not shown in the picture, but also part of the prize -chocolate-)

Shown here is a fantastic book by Becky Garrison-Oh, and it’s autographed! (See how to get this awesome prize below!)

A fitting prize combo!


Here’s a book synopsis from Powell Books:

A challenge has been issued on matters of faith and Becky Garrison meets it head on in this witty yet poignant answer to the Anti-God gurus Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Daniel Dennett.

Becky Garrison, religious satirist and senior contributing editor for “The Wittenberg Door,” is taking a stand. Where most Christians assume the character of the Cowardly Lion chanting, “I do believe, I do believe, I do believe,” Garrison refuses to simply thrust tracts at these self-proclaimed infidels.

Instead, Garrison steels her pen and takes on the ungodly program of the New Atheists, skewering each argument with her sharp satiric wit. Garrison turns aside the atheists’ assault without ignoring its real criticisms, namely, the church’s inadequate response to war, evolution, medical ethics, social justice, and other important issues in the post-9/11 world.

This from Becky:

I penned The New Atheist Crusaders and Their Unholy Grail at the request of Thomas Nelson, who wanted a satirical response to a select group of best selling authors, who in my view seemed to be behaving as badly as their fundamentalist counterparts. Both sides presented a black and white view of the world that reduced centuries of Christian and scientific thinking into easily digestible and often inaccurate soundbites. Such exchanges may make for entertaining cable news programming but they fail to present an faithful depiction of the Christian faith.

Since the publication of this book I’ve have the privilege of dialoguing with thoughtful freethinkers in my discussions with people like Greg Epstein, author of Good without God (http://www.harvardhumanist.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1&Itemid=30) and the Purple State of Mind (http://www.purplestateofmind.com) guys, as well as contributing  regularly to Religion Dispatches (http://www.religiondispatches.org) and Killing the Buddha (http://killingthebuddha.com). I’ve found a group of folks, who decry the excesses of religious empires that threaten to demolish the wall separating church from state by siding with my ancestor Roger Williams, who coined the term “soul liberty” to denote the freedom of all to believe according to their own conscience. In addition, we acknowledge that religion and science can live in harmony without producing some faith based pseudo-science or a scientific world consists of cold hard facts that’s totally devoid of meaning.  Also, we tend to roll our eyes at the latest biblical brands du jour albeit evangelical, prosperity gospel, power progressive, emergent, or New Monasticism that end up marketing certain missional mavericks as though they were the Messiah instead of following the living Christ.

What we share in common is a quest to explore what we share in common with our shared humanity in the hopes of addressing many of the concerns facing our world. My hope is that we can turn down the white noise of the New Atheists and then tune in to each other.

How can you get this great prize?

Becky thought this one up herself. This is her photo. Give it a caption. One winner will be picked.

Also-if you have questions about the book, or for Becky, leave them here, and she’ll reply. Fun, huh?


Awkward sign from Becky's trip to Canterbury Cathedral

2nd Prize- guess riddle 1st to win


ipod-retractable wall charger + candies



retails: $19.99

This goodie is a great for travel, office, or to have as a spare in another spot in your home. The retractable cord makes it very portable, and keeps wires at a complete minimum. This prize makes a thoughtful gift for an iPod user, too. (For a U.S. electrical outlet, candy included.)

The first to correctly answer this riddle wins this prize of February Freebie Month. (Which is how I am celebrating my birthday-like a hobbit.) If you choose, this  gift may be sent to a friend, if you win. 


What is often bought by the yard, but worn by the foot?





(carpet: Answered by DEB! Congrats.)