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Live your GLEE moment

I just loved this photo by Marek Paluch (found on MSNBC).

It’s likely this critter is NUTS.

Find your GLEE moment

(The hit show GLEE is a drama-comedy that breaks out into a musical number and choreography several times per episode. In other words, it’s basically just like real life.)

All the world is a stage?
Only if people find you annoyingly dramatic.
Or, fantastically entertaining.
Or, small and furry…

It’s important to have our “break out” moments, our passionate interaction with the universe, and have a certain kind of flourish that gives us an awareness of being fully alive.

What was your last “Glee moment”?

Powerful dramatic performance by amazing youth

My church’s youth drama club did this performance on Sunday. What a special youth group we have.  . .Such a blessing. I watched it with a big lump in my throat. The journey may be hard, but Jesus and his love prevail.

Please post your reactions or responses.