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Awakening to the Power of Dreams

(Excerpts/edits, and reflections from my reading, “Dreams: A Way to Listen to God” by Morton Kelsey, Paulist Press, 1978. ISBN: 0-80911-2046-1)

• 99% of the time when you dream about others, you are really dreaming about some part of yourself (whether positive or negative).

• Dreaming about war or fighting nearly always has to do with inner conflict.

• Certain universal themes/plots like being chased by a shadowy figure, or finding a new area in a house, have to do with reconciling issues of the inner person, or self-discovery.

• Dreams abide in the realm of symbols. Watch for repetition, patterns, and the associations you have to the symbols in waking life to start to better understand them.

• Dreams can carry both personal and universal symbols, and point out places for personal growth, increased harmony, and prosperity (on all levels).

• If you feel your dreams are important, and take care to begin logging them, you will harvest much personal growth, (including interpersonally) and can experience added spiritual awareness.

• Whether we remember them or not, we dream 5-7 times per night. In studies, animals and humans deprived of dreams develop mental health issues.

If you would like to share comments on dreams or share a powerful dream here, go right ahead.

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Interesting reading regarding dreams…

Dreams: A Way to Listen to God, Morton Kelsey, Paulist Press, New York, 1978, ISBN: o-8091-2046-1

(As with every book, one might not agree with everything or find everything helpful, but I found this read quite interesting, especially because not too much is written on the topic from this point of view.)

Have you ever listened to God using your dreams, if so, how?