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Weird Santa Photo Week: Day 2 (Twins)

Double your pleasure. Double your fun. Take toddler twins to sit on the lap of a large stranger, in weird red

pajamas who smells like Irish Coffee. HO. Ho. Ho.

Were YOU scared of Santa as a kid?

Double the Christmas photo Jolliness!



Weird Santa Photos Week-Day 1

Welcome to weird Santa week.

Each day, I’ll give you a picture for your amusement.

Do you know any kids who get freaked out by the fat and jolly stranger in the fake beard?

Do you have a weird Santa picture? Add a link to share it with us.

First Entry:

I’m not sure who looks more upset, the kid or the Santa. (If you think of a good caption, leave one here.)

What did they say to each other? Santa looks about to cry too.


Caption: “I feel something wet on my leg.”