February is Freebie Month-Chocolate Kickoff

(UPDATE 2/5: Lisa Minnich! Congratulations. Chip guessing is YOUR talent. You were the closest with your guess of 68. The answer is 79. It seems the jar was more round then many of you determined.)


First treat of February. Guess the # of chocolate chips 1st to win.


Hi Everyone,

I love chocolate, so my first giveaway is just that. Twixels is a lot like Twix, this is, if Twix were fortunate enough to be born in New England and go to private school were they wear matching V-neck sweaters with shield patches. (Notice the Triple Chocolate…obviously the preppy type.) The King Size Reese’s speaks for itself. Enjoy the vintage Reese’s commercial below, too. Hey kids, in the 1980’s, teens walked around snacking straight out of peanut butter jars-all the time!

I’m sending out both of these to the FIRST visitor who guesses most closely  to the correct number of chocolate chips in the glass jar. Please, don’t reply on Facebook, just here, in the “leave a comment” section. Happy February! (Note: If you win, this prize may also be sent to a friend.)


20 responses to “February is Freebie Month-Chocolate Kickoff

  1. My guess is there are 40 of those little chocolate chips in that tiny glass jar.

  2. oops… anonymous was me 🙂 42!

  3. I’ll say 53….

  4. Wow, who doesn’t love chocolate?

  5. I always carry around a pb jar. what’s wrong with that? lol

    • lisacolondelay

      nothing wrong it, darling. I’m just saying, that was something really popular in the ’80s, like the commercial indicates. eh hum. It’ll prob. be popular again, and in that case, Kath, you’ll be ahead of the trend. Not surprising!

  6. Dan Masshardt


  7. My 2nd guess: 45

  8. My guess is 89

  9. I guess 41

  10. 2nd guess is 68

  11. My second and third guess would be 43 and 44

    • lisacolondelay

      Kate, the answer was 79. And we had a winner last week. All month we’ll have fun contests for prizes here, so please come back and try again. And Yes-there will be more chocolate!