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What’s the Good of Pleading?

Do you think pleading just another way of going too far?

I was never a fan of the plea, “Pretty please” with or without cherries on top. Asking for something: Should this ever be paired with an ice cream sundae type of association? I don’t think so. Food and petitions should stay in separate categories, just like tea and coffee. Or drug addicts and congressmen.

ain't too proud to beg?

Does pleading scream, “I’m really needy and pathetic!”

Probably sometimes.

However, maybe *direct asking*–if it’s not too annoying–can put something in front of the right person, at just the right time. Something they don’t even know they want just yet, and then blamo, a need is filled. The world is a slightly better place. I said -slightly-.

Maybe pleading, when done properly, is just posturing, timing, and passion meeting in a perfect storm intersection of opportunity.

Well, whatever you call it, I’m going to give it a try:

(So brace yourself)

If you haven’t subscribed to this blog, please do.

It’s quick, convenient, and reversible (if need be).

(I will not spam your inbox…it’s not how I roll).

Being a subscriber means that my blog posts will get sent straight to you with no fuss or bother.

You needn’t even make here to see what’s cookin’.

You’ll never get behind, but at the same time, you’ll be in control.

Conveniently, there are links in the direct email that can get you here in a jiffy, if you’d like to contribute.

It’s good times.

(To get plugged in, click the button on the right that says, “Wow. So simple. so easy. yes!”)

I’m not sure if that’s begging, pleading, asking nicely, or none of the above, but it’s really the most direct approach I’ve ever tried. I hope you’ll subscribe.

And -Thanks for reading this blog, in any form. It means a lot to me that you came by.


My Christmas gift for a fan, inspired by St. Nick

I’m giving out something especially fun this Christmas, but first, I  want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, and hope that 2010 will be a blessing for you.

Bishop Nicolas giving treats

When I started this blog in February 2009, I didn’t know what would happen. I couldn’t imagine the outpouring of kindness and devotion that would come. I started with about 10 hits/visitors a week, and now I get that many by 6 a.m. Thank you all for coming along with me this year. I will be working on this blog, writing almost every day to engage the heart and mind, and injecting fun and humor as well. Plus, in February, I like to give gifts, because it’s my birthday month, so stay tuned for that too, if you like getting amusing, or helpful goodies in the mail.

I thank you so much for your friendship and support. Technology can produce wonderful connections, growth, healing, and joy. It has for me, and I hope you find it here too. I encourage you, if you haven’t in a while, to check the blog categories, and archives to see what you’ve missed.

This is the time of year when my family and I celebrate the advent (arrival) and the most gracious gift of Jesus, the Incarnation. In the spirit of generosity, inspired also by St Nicholas, and many other spiritual giants, I’d like to extend an opportunity to all of you, by way of a contest for a special and very fun Christmas gift. I wish I had the resources to give each one of you this funky gift, I found while cruising around the “interweb,” but alas, the joy of giving will still be there, and I’m SO excited to send it out!

This handmade wallet is quite the neat treat. Made from genuine legos, it’s a snazzy gear for holding plastic cards, bill money, keys, tissues, mints, coins, chap stick, receipts for Christmas gifts you have to return, or other small objects. It’s a fun conversation starter, or a unique gift for a lego lover, (especially a “boy,” ages 5-55). It will also be enjoyed by anyone (male or female) with a taste for fun, or a penchant for innovative, and creative design.

It will be given to the 100th responder that does one of the following:

1. Follow Life As Prayer on Facebook and Twitter http://LifeAsPrayer.twitter.com, and send out a message about it.

2. Retweet this: < @LifeAsPrayer has a funky Lego Wallet Christmas gift for the 100th RT > *(Please include 1 reason why you like Life As Prayer, or how you found out about it.)

3. Send 2 friends (new visitors) to view the LifeAsPrayer blog, and have them leave a comment containing your name.

That’s it!

Have fun.